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  L&B SUN CHEMICAL CO.,LTD.,located beside the beautiful Xiangjiang River and Liu Young River in the ancient city of Channgsha, is engaged in the business of various import & export chemicals and investment.
We are the general agent of Elementis and Beijing Eastern Acrylic Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. (BEAT) in Hunan province.
Solvent type powder coating materials: DEUCHEM epoxy resin, hydroxylated acrylic resin, polyurethane curing agent, photo-curing low(-grade) polymer, levelling agents, defoamers, curing accelerator, anti-static agents, anti-yellowing agents, wax powder, matting agent, aluminium paste and dyes etc.
Water-based coating materials:BEAT styrene-acrylic emulsion, styrene-acrylic latex, silicon sol and styrene-acrylic latex, water-proof latex; thickeners, leveling agents, dispersing agents, defoamers, wetting agents, mildew preventive, bactericdies, color sizing etc. from DEUCHEM, RohmHaas and NOPCO.
Pigments and fillers  Rutile type Titanium Dioxide, anatase titanium dioxide, lithopone, sericite in powder, precipitated baryte, kaolin, wollastonite, quartz sand, coarse whiting, light calcium Carbonate, French chalk, aluminum silicate etc. from DuPont and Ishihara Sangyov.
Other products: dispersing agent, de-inking agent, brightener and sizing agent for paper making; various carboxymethyl cellulose, methylcellulose, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, polyaluminium chloride, polyacrylamide, polyvinyl butyral etc.
Sticking to the tenet of “Quality Based, Credit Foremost”, and the business policy of “Market Oriented, Technology Backed and Seeking Efficiency through Technology”, we have been committed to the satisfying the diversified needs of customers all over the years. And with the spirit of “United, Pragmatic and Innovative’, we have achieved great progress.
We are ready to join hands with all friends from common development in the 21st Century!
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